Norfolk SEO Services offers a free SEO Survey?

I offer all my clients a free survey for SEO on their website(s). I can then use this information to improve your site.

What questions do my search engine optimisation survey have an answer for.

Your survey will reveal the following:

While my free seo survey is not a full SEO Audit by any means, this is a good start.

If you require the survey only, there is a one-off charge from £30.00 depending on number of pages.

What is a full seo audit?

A full SEO Audit is an in-depth analyses and documenting of your website to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the website as far as SEO is concerned.

Every part of your website, from links to meta-tags is analysed and documented in the audit which will then enable you to formulate an accurate SEO action plan for your particular website.

It can be put that a full SEO Audit on a website is similar to a diagnostic tool in that it finds any erroneous or incorrect information which doesn't belong, but you also get to find out what the good points of your SEO are.
This will enable you to find out what is wrong with your website SEO and what is right with it.

What should you spend on a quality, actionable, revenue producing SEO audit?
An SEO audit is like taking a training course for work, it pays for itself. It's not the place to cut costs as this brings lower quality advice and this Audit will be your instructions to perform organic SEO on your website which works. This is not just another SEO audit, this is my SEO audit and there are no others like this one.