HTML to Joomla Website Conversion

Is your website too complicated to work with ?

Your answer is probably yes if you are reading this.

I provide a professional website conversion service which will rid you of a hard to manage website and get you a website which is adaptive, mobile friendly and easy to manage and update when required.

Convert your existing static website to a brand new database driven Joomla website. You will be amazed with the features i provide with my HTML to Joomla conversion service. I will convert your HTML to the chosen Joomla template first and then i will configure your website with the content and other functionalities.

What are the benefits of using Joomla for your website ?

The entire content of your website is dynamic and can be changed easily. It is very easy to Add/Change or Update your content(via the Joomla {CMS}Content Management system). There are a large selection of custom extensions available for the Joomla CMS that you can use to add features in your website. You can change the look of your website without loosing the old content with the use of templates. Joomla provides an automatic user management system so that you can manage a whole user base with this feature. You can restrict the content of your website to only registered persons. And much more ...

Disadvantages of the HTML website

  1. There is often a bigger learning curve to deal with; more time-consuming to maintain.
  2. Cost of website design software is high.
  3. There are some limited ways to make simple changes to your content (text and images).
  4. Editing content takes more time and therefore, more money even if you are doing it yourself.
  5. You can not easily add or remove the article without knowledge of HTML and CSS
  6. HTML is less user friendly, the design process is not as visual (no widget like controls where you can move the sites elements like in visual editors).
  7. Dynamic features like login, form for user feedback etc. are not available.
  8. Requires learning HTML before hand.

So go ahead and convert your HTML to Joomla, and make your website come to life. This will not only increase the search engine rankings but, in doing so will also increase the traffic to your website.

If you have a website which you feel is in need of this work, please refer to my home page for details of cost and free offer, or give me a call and i would be pleased to discuss any queries you may have.