Google Mobile SEO Services

Google has revamped its mobile search algorithm in a way which will basically demote any mobile websites which are not optimised for use on smart phones.

Are you up to date with this new search engine optimisation requirement for mobiles?
If not i offer my services to get your mobile website optimised and configured as required.
Whether that means converting your site to be mobile friendly or re-building your site for mobile seo friendliness and making it responsive.

The update, which was introduced on 21st April, has been dubbed the 'Mobilegeddon' by some as it will bring obscurity for websites poorly equipped to be browsed on mobile devices.

The Google web master team issued a statement: "As people increasingly search on their mobile devices, we want to make sure they can find content that’s not only relevant and timely, but also easy to read and interact with on smaller mobile screens. As from the 21st April, we are using a web sites mobile-friendliness' as one of many factors to help rank searches carried out on mobile devices".

This move by Google should send a message to businesses whose websites are poorly configured for smartphone users that optimising for mobile is no longer a matter of choice. With the number of smartphone users only set to grow, businesses simply can’t afford to become invisible to mobile consumers. Few would argue that Google’s search rankings can make or break a business, and as of today businesses who don’t deliver a decent mobile experience risk learning this the hard way.

Key Problems for Mobile SEO

Alternatives to Flash are availableAdobe's Flash Player is not supported on mobiles and is something to seriously consider replacing your flash media with html5 or maybe gif images.

Duplicate informationHaving a separate site for mobile users.
This can and often does present duplicate content issues if not managed correctly, also your mobile site could be displayed on desktop screens and your desktop site could be displayed on mobile screens, this does require alot of careful planning and implementation.

The viewport metatagThe viewport metatag must be installed and configured correctly.
This is very important as it tells the browser to use another stylesheet with compatible dimensions for the mobile phone users.

44px Touch targetCorrect size for touch targets.
The space between any touch targets should be at least 44 pixels for the iphone to allow the user to comfortably use them without others getting in the way.

Page loading timePage loading time
This is or can be quite a serious problem for designers who like their pictures.
It's not really the size of the pictures as much as the actual number of pictures that need to load while on your website, although the size matters as the bigger the picture(s) on your site, the more information needs to be downloaded for your website to load.

If you have a website which you feel is in need of this work, please refer to my home page for details of cost and free offer, or give me a call and i would be pleased to discuss any queries you may have.